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Here, in Armenia you will find a lot of snowy mountains, interesting corridors and nice treks. At the attitude of 3000 meters above the level of the sea, you can find snow even at the June. Not only winter, also spring skiing is wonderful in Armenia. The treks are good both for beginners and professionals. The most famous skiing resorts in Armenia are Tsakhkadzor, Sevan, Jermuk, but we also suggest ski tours nearby Aragatz Mountain, Geghama mountain range, Ishkhanasar, Ara Mountain, Gutanasar Mountain. These mountains give you opportunity to try freeriding with the different level of difficulty and distance. For the extreme skiers we can suggest even heli-skiing.  We have chosen and prepared the best paths, the most interesting treks and the experienced, professional guides. You will go to the Southern summit of Aragatz Mountain (3888m) and ski down to Lake Qari (Stone Lake) which is on the attitude of 3200 meters. You will be taken to Fantan village and from there to Gutanasar volcano for steep and interesting downhill. You can choose Geghama mountain range for some long ski-tour with breathtaking views. You have a big choice and you will be really satisfied from each one. Just help us to create an ideal tour for you.

Contact DA Tours Company for detailed information. We will be happy to be useful!

8-days skiing trip in Armenia

  • DAY 1

Meeting at the airport, road to Aragatz.


  • DAY 2 (skiing day 1)

Early morning the group will hike to the “Southern” Aragatz (3888m). It will be nearly 3 – 5 hours duration hiking with nice views for the middle-experienced hikers. From the top, we will ski down to the meteo-station (duration is from 30 minutes to 1 hour: depends on speed.) After the skiing day, we will enjoy Armenian traditional dish – Khash in a special restaurant near the lake “Kari” (Stone Lake). After eating, we will visit the soviet time cosmic-station and will have an interesting 30 minutes excursion there.


  • DAY 3 (skiing day 2)

Early in the morning the group will be taken by couples with snow bike nearly to the southern top of Aragatz. From the top, we will ski down up to Amberd medieval castle (nearly 2 hours). If snow is good, we will be able to ski down more than 2 hours. Overnight at the meteo-station.


  • DAY 4 (skiing day 3)

Original, expedition skiing with the route, which rarely have been used for skiing tour. We have used this for hiking for many times and it is not dangerous and fun. This destination starts from the “Southern” Aragatz and goes to Aragatz village. It will take nearly 3 hours to ski down up to the village.


  • DAY 5 (skiing day 4)

We will drive to Ishkhanasar village and from there will take an off road vehicle and will drive as much as possible. After the stop, we will walk 4 - 5 hours up to the Ishkhanasar Mountain (3552m). ). From there we will ski down to the village Ishkhanasar.  Overnight at Goris.


  • DAY 6 (skiing day 1)

We will go to Geghama Mountains. From there we will take an off road vehicle and will drive as high as possible. After the stop, we will walk nearly 3 – 4 hours up to Lake Akna (3030m). From there we will ski down to the village Sevaberd (Black castle).  After this, we will be back to Ejmiadzin, to have a rest at the hotel.


  • DAY 7

Excursions to the temples of Ejmiadzin, Yerevan City tour and free evening...


  • DAY 8


Good buy party and transfer to the airport for departure.

About the equipment.

We can provide you with the sleeping bags, tents, snowsteps and other equipment. However, it is preferable to bring your own. Please, contact DA Tours Company for detailed information.

Also, available 1-day ski tours

  • Yerevan - slopes of mt. Hatis,  village Kotayk

  • Yerevan – Spitak pass

  • Yerevan - slopes of mt. Mets Ishkhanasar

  • Yerevan – Vorotan Pass (Saravan)

  • Yerevan – Semyonovka

  • Yerevan – Sevaberd (for mt. Geghmaghan)

  • Yerevan - Slopes of mt. Ara (near village Karbi or Yeghvard)

  • Yerevan – Hankavan

  • Yerevan – Aragatz (as much as the car will go)

  • Yerevan – Lermontovo ( for mt. Tejler )

  • Tsaghkadzor – Aghveran

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