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   Discover Armenia Tours, LLC in Oregon, U.S.A. is the promotional representative and marketing agent for DA Tours/Armenia. It was registered in 2000 and is managed by Havard Bauer. She has spent four summers in Armenia exploring the remote areas of all provinces as well as photographing many of the ancient churches and monasteries. She is an experienced former travel agent and is a part owner of the Water Street Inn, a small, restored Victorian bed and breakfast in Silverton, Oregon.

   “Discover Armenia Tours” does not operate any tours directly, but Havard can handle inquiries about and arrange bookings for tours operated by DA Tours Armenia. Responsibility for operation of the tours remains with DA Tours in Armenia.


37666 S. Hwy 213, Mt. Angel
OR 97362, USA
Tel./Fax: +503 829 3666

Discover Armenia Tours
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